Bamako - Segou - Djenne - Mopti - 3-Day Niger River Boat Tour - Timbuktu - Hombori - Dogon Country - Burkina Faso - Sikasso

21 Days, 20 Nights
Day 1: Welcome
Arrive at Bamako Airport; welcome and transportation to hotel; program briefing.
Day 2: Bamako - Segou
Leave by 4x4 to Segou, ancient Bambara capital, a relaxing town on the river. Visit spice market, colonial quarter with Sudanese architecture, artists cooperative where you can learn bogolan (mud cloth dye). Lunch; relax at hotel pool then take a pretty tour of the port and watch the sunset on the Niger. Dinner and a peaceful sleep!
Day 3: Segou - Djenne
Depart for Djenne passing through San, capital of the Bobo people; arrive around noon. Eat lunch at Chez Baba, and visit the world's largest mud mosque, Koranic school, tomb of Tapama, museum and old town of Djenne Djeno, one of the first great towns of West Africa.
Day 4: Djenne - Mopti
Leave for Mopti, the 'Venice of Mali,' intersection of two vital African rivers. Mopti means "meeting," and all of Mali's ethnic groups are here. See the mosque, old city, spice market, wooden boat builders, fish market. Lunch at Bar Bozo, rest. Visit the port & watch the sunset on the Niger, dinner and a peaceful sleep.
Day 5: Mopti - Timbuktu (by boat)
Embark on a 3-day boat tour to Timbuktu, with visits to camps of Bozo fishermen, Peulh cattlemen, and Sarakole farmers - spectacular! Your cook will prepare a lunch fresh from fishermen. At sunset, we'll set up tents on the beach and eat dinner. Mali Experience Tours will provide fishing rods for those who want to go fishing on the river. Or, spend the night on the banks under the stars!
Day 6: River Tour
Leave from the impressive Lake Debo, where you will see fishermen everywhere and hundreds of migrating birds, such as pelicans, rollers, martins and many others. Eat lunch, visit the campment of Bozo fishermen and sleep in tents under a star-filled sky!
Day 7: River Tour - Timbuktu
Continue the river journey, lunch at noon on the boat; arrive at the port of Kabara in Timbuktu near the end of the day. Transportation by 4x4 to Timbuktu; check in at the hotel; eat dinner and have a peaceful sleep!
Day 8: Timbuktu
Visit 'Timbuktu the Mysterious' - town of 333 Saints, situated at the door of the Sahara Desert. See the museum of explorers, big museum, Djingueray Berre mosque, Sankore Koranic University & Ahmed Baba Library where ancient manuscripts are on display. After lunch, a camel ride to visit the Tuareg nomads and watch the sunset on the dunes; dinner and a peaceful night!
Day 9: Timbuktu - Hombori
Breakfast; depart by 4x4 to Hombori, stopping at Douentza for lunch, then continue on, visiting the famous Hand of Fatima, and arriving in Hombori before sunset, where the highest peak of Mali is found and a beautiful panorama not to be missed. Dinner and a peaceful night at your hotel!
Day 10: Hombori - Douentza
Visit the ancient quarter of Hombori, its special architecture, narrow winding streets, and former royal palace - very impressive! Eat lunch at a restaurant, rest and drive by 4x4 to reach Douentza at sunset; check-in at hotel, have dinner and a peaceful sleep.
Day 11: Dountza - Sangha
Leave early for Dogon Country. Visit Fombori's rich museum, the scenic villages of Bamba & Yendouma Ato where people are warm and nowhere else like it exists in the world! Lunch at Ibi, with a band playing traditional Dogon music, take a rest; in the afternoon, on to Banani and finish at Sangha Hotel for a peaceful night's sleep!
Day 12: Dogon Country
Morning trek around Ireli, Amani and Tereli, stopping to visit a patriarch's house (guinna), village chief (hogon) whom you may offer a symbolic gift (provided by Mali Experience Tours); and meeting house (toguna) where community decisions and laws are made. Eat lunch at a village, take a rest. In the afternoon, voluntary tree planting to help fight esertification of Dogon Country (we will provide a tree for each volunteer). Sleep in a charming campment room or on the roof under the stars!
Day 13: Dogon Country
The visit continues with trekking in Tereli, Komokani and Nombori. After dinner, meet local villagers who can share their mythology, history and daily life. Have a good night's sleep in a charming campment.
Day 14: Dogon Country
Trekking and visiting villages of Dogon Country including Dourou, Konssongou, and Begnemato - some stunningly beautiful villages on the plateau in a lost world where people remain very attached to their animist traditions. Sleep in a charming campment room or under the stars.
Day 15: Dogon Country - Ouagadougou
Breakfast; depart for Burkina by 4x4, traversing the magnificent countryside of the Sahel; lunch at Ouigouya. In the afternoon before sunset, we'll arrive in Ouagadougou. Check-in & go for a swim in the hotel pool and dinner. Peaceful sleep!
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Day 16: Ouagadougou - Gaoua
After breakfast, visit Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, artisans' village, national museum. Then depart for Boromo, visit the sacred pool with totemic crocodiles and village of the strongly animist Lobis. Lunch and we continue on to Gaoua arriving around the end of the day; check in at hotel and eat dinner.
Day 17: Gaoua - Banfora
Breakfast; visit the Senoufo people, and chief of their community, the chief of Gan, on the way to Banfora by 4x4; arrive and check-in at the hotel; eat lunch and take a rest. In the afternoon, visit the town and the waterfall - the pride of Banfora! Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 18: Banfora - Bobo Dioulasso
Drive to Bobo Dioulasso, arriving in the early a.m. Visit old quarter, grand marché, museum, mosque. After lunch, afternoon on your own. Bobo Dioulaso is known for its arts & culture, ambience and sounds of djembe filling the air. Soak up the sounds and sights! Dinner & sleep at the hotel.
Day 19: Bobo Dioulaso - Sikasso
Depart by 4x4 to southern Mali passing small Senoufo campements, and very green country side; lunch in Sikasso & rest. In the afternoon, visit the area, the breadbasket of Mali. See the wall of Tata and the market. Dinner and peaceful night at the hotel.
Day 20: Sikasso - Bamako
Breakfast; visit the waterfall of Farako, then continue on to Bamako. Arrive and check-in at your hotel; lunch and relax or go for a swim in the hotel pool. Dinner & sleep at the hotel.
Day 21: Bamako & Farewell
After breakfast, visit Maison des Artisans, Marché Rose, eat lunch at Restaurant Santoro, and finish at the artisans' market to pick up last-minute souvenirs and gifts. In the evening, transport to the airport and farewell. Mali Experience Tours wishes you a safe trip home and pleasant memories of Mali!
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